Temperature Control Solutions

At Jonex we understand that for certain products an unbroken temperature chain is essential, and it demands flawless execution in everything from pick-up to storage to end-consumer delivery. Our Temperature Control Logistics Solutions present a secure and validated supply chain for your needs. It ensures safe and compliant transport in chilled conditions. Our trucks are equipped with appropriate cooling systems that can maintain the temperature for various ranges from 2°C and up to 25°C. And our smart monitoring solutions provide proof of shipment stability across the supply chain.

Why to choose Temperature Control at JONEX:

  • Shipment monitoring
  • End-to-end temperature-control logistics chain handled by us
  • Cold (2° to 8° C) and AC control room temperature (15° to 25° C)
  • Validated temperature maintenance
  • Measuring the humidity level inside the vehicles
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Temperature logger reports